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Processing fee for preliminary or final acceptance of paper for publication in the African Journal of Computing & ICT, ISSN 2006-1781. WE STRONGLY ADVISE PROSPECTIVE AUTHORS TO OBTAIN A WRITTEN INSTRUCTION FROM THE JOURNAL'S EDITORIAL OFFICE BEFORE PAYMENT IS MADE VIA THIS MEDIUM. Thank you.




Advert placement in African Journal of Computing & ICT is welcome from individuals and organizations across the world at moderate charges. The lifetime of a typical advert is quarterly, except there is renewal of advert placement. That is, the period covered by a typical advert placement is between the first and last day of a journal edition. Current rates per quarter are as follows:

Page Size
Full Page US$ 750.00 (NGN262,500.00)
Half Page US$ 375.00 (NGN131,250.00)
Quarter Page US$187.50 (NGN65,625.00)



Current individual and institutional subscription rates per journal edition and for four editions are as follows:

Individual Institution
Subscription Fee Per Edition




Postage Per Edition




Total Fee Per Edition




Subscription for 1 Year (4 Editions) US$200.00




Postage for 1 Year (4 Editions) US$60.00




Total Fee for 1 Year (4 Editions) US$260.00





Consultancy for Manufacturers & Industries

Afr. J. Comp. & ICT is an incubator point for articles in the computer sciences, applied sciences and ICT, and as such, consultancy opportunities exist for manufacturers and industrialists (herein referred to as clients) who desire to convert any of the papers published on this site to wealth-creating products in the market. Request for consultancy may take any of the following forms:

i) Conversion of any identified paper by client to products, with the concurrence/partnership of the author(s);

ii) Request for assistance to identify and recommend paper(s) which are potentially suitable for conversion to products, with respect to products that have already been conjectured by clients;

iii) Request to carry out a commissioned research for the client’s organization, tailored to a specific brief and with specific measurable targets;

iv) Serving as consulting guide to in-house professionals of client’s organization whose mandate is to effectively convert (target) papers on this site to wealth-generating products;

v) Opportunity to set up a Research & Development (R & D) department for the client’s organization, or revitalization of an existing one;

vi) Any other form related to the above.

Kindly note that we are in partnership with several distinguished consultants with international academic and industrial experience. The coordinating consultant has experience running across mathematics, computer science, technology and other intangible fields/areas. A free discussion on capability to deliver on commissioned mandate is available. A trial will surely convince you. Our professional fees are moderate.


For payment of article processing charge, or enquiries on advertizement, subscription, consultancy etc, kindly contact the following:

* The Editorial Manager,

(Lizzy Ofusori, Ph.D.)

(African Journal of Computing & ICT, ISSN 2006-1781))

School of Management, IT and Governance,

University of KwaZulu-Natal,


South Africa.


Telephone: +27 62 162 3285


*The Editor-in-Chief,

(Professor Bamidele (‘Dele) Oluwade, Ph.D)

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society,

Research Triangle Park,

Raleigh, North Carolina,



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